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Our Approach

All CCS’ initiatives focus on development of management and leadership skills to increase effectiveness and productivity that helps improve decision making and the bottom line. Building leadership, management EQ and confidence increases employee motivation and engagement.

We use a consultative approach ensuring early engagement with the business leadership to understand the key issues, opportunities, people development requirements and how they are linked to the achievement of the company objectives.
CCS uses professionally facilitated engagement interventions with Senior Leadership to create awareness of the relevant business challenges. The development of process frameworks ensures that surprises are kept to a minimum.

This process provides management with visibility to key success criteria while also highlighting potential roadblocks that will need to be negotiated or solved.

Constant communication, agreed project roadmaps identifying key milestones and deliverables ensure interventions deliver the agreed outcomes. Importantly, we allow for internal follow-up processes to drive accountability and continual progress.
How We Do Business
  • We are committed to the delivery of service excellence. We understand this is derived from high quality thinking, delivered in the timeframes demanded by our Client’s business.
  • We take great pride in our business relationships which we treat with respect at all times. We value a partnering approach with Clients.
  • CCS recognises that the single measure of our success is: The depth of positive impact from our interventions.

Products & Services

Every business, no matter the size, market or product has its own DNA.

CCS’ experience demonstrates that for maximum success, a tailored approach needs to be taken.

This means that each CCS intervention is built for each client, using tried and tested methodologies applied to the unique circumstances of your business.

Advisory Groups

Support from experienced advisors to ensure leadership accountability

The CCS Advisory Group process provides business owners with a Team (usually 1 to 4) of highly experienced business Advisors. This cost effective monthly or quarterly governance and resource forum helps support the CEO to guide the business.

The framework establishes an holistic approach to business mentoring by ensuring leadership accountability for business strategy and operational excellence.

In addition to a focus on financial performance, the process challenges risk management, succession planning, innovation, social responsibility, capability to scale and other relevant specific business success drivers. Colin Chodos currently Chairs various Advisory Groups in different business sectors.

Vision Alignment &
Strategy Facilitation

Empower staff to contribute to the goals that define future success

Vision Alignment is a process that assists with the identification of the CEO’s success aspiration, the development of future business goals of the organisation and how to cascade these to all people within the organisation.

The process creates an awareness and understanding of ‘the core business purpose’, ‘what success in the future looks and feels like’ and ‘how each individual contributes to the achievement of success’. In so doing, management credibility is enhanced and greater trust is built between the CEO and the people.

Strategy Facilitation is often required to develop clarity of where you are going? and How you can get there? This provides Leaders with the best opportunity to achieve personal and business success. Using tried and tested strategy planning processes that leverage the wisdom of the team around the table, CCS develops and facilitates bespoke planning workshops that deliver strategic options and relevant business plans.

Bringing Board and Executive Teams together to align thinking ensures clarity regarding horizon priorities in the short, medium and long-term. Projects include regular facilitated strategy progress and follow-up sessions to help maintain strategic momentum whilst also enabling strategy adjustments and links to agreed operational deliverables. CCS also assists with processes and programs to cascade the strategy planning to functional management accountabilities from Senior Managers all the way to the front-line Supervisors and Team Leaders.

Change Management,
Organisational Culture,
Integration Alignment

Best practice leadership skills to drive successful change

The CCS Change Management process develops the capability and skills of Leaders & Managers to drive organisational change, through an improved understanding of change psychology and best practice processes.

Outcomes include ‘reduced resistance to change’, ‘improved change resilience’, ‘an increased understanding by Managers of key skills required to drive successful change’.

Organisational Culture creates the foundation for the development and sustainability of a desired culture; this in turn drives leadership and employee behaviour to achieve the vision and business success.

Outcomes include ‘benchmarking existing organisational culture indicators’, ‘outlining strategies and tactics for identifying culture change’ and ‘actionable steps to take for the new culture development’.

Following a merger or acquisition, CCS’ Integration Alignment process offers a series of strategies and procedures that enable Leaders and Managers to successfully integrate management teams and organisational structures. This extends to people and processes and helps achieve operational effectiveness in the shortest possible time, while minimizing the risks of integration failure.

This process also provides Senior Executives, including the Board, with a comprehensive understanding of the likely impact of a pending integration. The process ensures that the organisation is using a formula and planned approach for integration success. Also, that Managers understand the process and emotional impact on employees and on business performance as a result of integration.

This is supported by a very clear articulation of the priority roadmap including critical internal and external stakeholder communications, agreed timelines and integration KPI’s.

Management Coaching & Leadership Academy

Learning and development tailored for leaders and managers

The role of leadership can often be a lonely place. Executive mentoring and coaching can have a positive and often a dramatic impact on leadership effectiveness.

Acting as a sounding board, the business coach provides a confidential environment and opportunity for a Leader to pose questions and be challenged on issues and opportunities. Regular meetings with an agenda and process help create a forum to discuss important topics.

CCS’ Management and Leadership Academy is a learning and development initiative tailored to develop more capable Managers and Leaders. Bespoke business management and leadership components are delivered via small, regular interactive workshops over a 12month period.

Topics include: Understanding the difference between leadership and management, meeting facilitation, motivation and self-awareness, utilising EQ, building high performance teams, goal setting, providing constructive performance feedback, managing upwards, personality profiling and social styles, sales team management, hiring and recruitment tactics, client service and managing change.

Employee & Customer Engagement

Analyse KPIs, overlay qualitative insights with quantitative metrics

CCS has a research tool that distils key elements of the relationship between a business and its customers, both B2B and B2C. Using the principles of a Customer Relationship Continuum, the tool analyses key performance indicators and combines qualitative insights with quantitative metrics.

The process offers clients an easy-to-use, easy-to-understand “view-at-a-glance” of the nature and quality of the relationships customers have with their suppliers including a deeper appreciation of ‘what factors drive loyalty’, ‘service considerations and service excellence drivers’ and ‘customer delight factors’.

CCS also has a purpose-built organisational ‘Employee Engagement’ tool that measures and reflects key elements of the relationship between employee / internal stakeholders and Employer.

The process provides Managers with an easy-to-understand ‘view-at-a-glance’ of the relationships he or she has with their teams or departments including indicators of ‘what factors drive performance’, ‘key engagement drivers’ and ‘Employee delight measures’.

This is administered via an electronic quantitative research methodology. It is typically qualified by initial qualitative research; either focus groups, depth interviews or combination.